Lesson 1 Review from Sifu Erkan

Casa Martial Arts Punch

Casa’s Martial Arts lesson one plan is all about introducing fundamental basics to new Martial Artists starting on their journey. The focus is on those most basic moves that are used the most often. The ones we can use as the foundation to build upon for the more complex techniques. In these early stages when we aim to mold these new Martial Artists minds at Casa’s Martial Arts we believe its vital to train all moves in various combinations. When we get new students thinking in combinations right from the start, this is easily transferable to sparring situations. The moves we focus on in these first few classes also gives us an indication of natural ability and how the students learn. At Casa’s Martial arts when we come to you and train in the comfort of your home most classes are private classes. Working closely with each student on a individual bases we are able to tailor the lessons to meet the students needs. Martial Arts in the comfort of your home when you feel at ease is one of those things that make learning a completing new endeavor even quicker to get to grips with. Training Martial Arts in your home avoids any unnecessary embarrassments. The first class is understanding simple punches, blocks, stances and brief explanations on Casa’s Martial Arts system. Taking in each of the basics and breaking them down as much as possible. For example take a punch into consideration. At Casa Martial arts we teach a punch by first teaching how to make a proper fist and which of the two knuckles should be making contact when punching. It is also important to point out that when punching you should never fully extend your arm to a locked position. This will help prevent any sort of strain on the elbow usually referred to as tennis elbow. As a result of a little bend in the arm and punching with the first two knuckles the arm takes on a S looking angle. Finally the last point is the recoil, which is just as important in first making the punch. When we take our basic techniques and break them down into simple movements it makes it easier for students understand a proper punch and remember key movements. Our teaching system emphasizes proper technique from the start. We don’t rush through any beginner movements as these are the ones that set students on the right path.

Be wise, Be respectful and practice often.

Sifu Erkan
Martial Arts in the comfort of your home

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