Learn to be flexible like a Shaolin monk in Waterdown

Casa martial arts kung fu stretching in waterdown

Shaolin monks address their body very holistically, focusing on balancing body and mind. At Casa Martial Arts where we teach traditional kung fu in waterdown we aim to address each of these points.

To properly perform the wide Kung Fu stances and Kung Fu’s sweeping attacks incorporated in more advanced Shaolin forms and techniques, we dedicate some time to our training regimen for flexibility training. We push students, no matter what there current level is to reach a point of controlled pain. Like Shaolin Monks our Kung Fu program in Waterdown focuses on stretching the whole body from the neck down and include dynamic stretching as well as static.

The relationship between flexibility and kicking in traditional Chinese martial arts is intrinsic, one that every student of kung fu must accept to achieve their kicking ambitions. Not only does it help with kicking but it also relives pain and prevents injuries, releases stress and helps create more physical freedom.

We start each class with a Stretch, but if you want to speed up your flexibility that its important to take time daily to stretch our muscles. Stretching in the morning is harder than in the evening but it’s one of the best ways to increase flexibility.

Another way to get further in your stretches is to always stretch after your workout. Your joints and muscles are warm, which means you can go further with your stretch. It also helps to decrease the build up of lactic acid in your muscles. Not stretching after a workout leads to stiff muscles.

Flexibility is extremely important in Shaolin kung fu, because many of the advanced kung fu sets cannot be performed without it. From the beginning of training, the Shaolin system builds flexibility through the use of stretching exercises. By learning Shaolin Kung Fu stretches at Casa Martial arts in Waterdown, you will have the confidence that your limbs will not fail you or awkwardly seize mid-flight.

Some stretching techniques you can try at home are the front and side splits, frog stretch, shoulder rotations, hip rotations, lung and standing forward bend just to name a few.

At Casa Martial Arts where we teach Kung Fu in Waterdown we recognize the importance and know how to stretch correctly. We have a simple aim, to reduce muscular tension and gain mobility within a specific muscle or muscle group. We can all be flexible, with the right techniques.

We look to take it slow, especially if you are just getting back into fitness. This is one of the great aspects of a private class we can customize it to your needs and take our time. Remember we are all unique individuals with different amounts of strength, endurance, flexibility, and we aim to treat you that way when you learn Kung Fu in Waterdown from us.

Sifu Erkan

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