The Kung Fu you will learn in Waterdown

The Kung Fu you will learn in Waterdown and Burlington is the 5 Animal style. Lets first start off by explain the meaning of the word Kung fu – ‘kung’ meaning ‘energy’ and ‘fu’ meaning ‘time’. Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art whose recorded history dates back to around 525 AD, during the Liang dynasty. The man credited with introducing martial arts to China is said to be an Indian monk known as Bodhidarma (who is also known as Do Ma or Buddha, 506–556 AD).

The style of Kung Fu that we at Casa Martial Arts teach is the five styles, based upon animals; Dragon, Tiger, Crane, Leopard and Snake. This was known as Ng Ying Ga, or Five Animal Style – each animal complimented the others, and yet still maintained its own unique characteristics.

Dragon: Exercises to cultivate spirit, flexibility, and graceful movements. The dragon is a mythical animal associated with courage and energy. Dragon exercises stress this animal’s flowing spirit.

Tiger: Exercises to strengthen the bones.

Crane: Exercises to strengthen the sinews and promote vitality. The crane style stresses balance and fast foot movements.

Leopard: Exercises for developing strength, power and speed.

Snake: Exercises to cultivate Chi, correct breathing to strengthen internal power and to strike an opponent’s vulnerable areas.

Some of the skills that our style of Martial arts in Waterdown will teach you is.

  1. Basic skills: These include stamina, flexibility, and balance, which improve the body abilities in doing martial maneuvers.
  2. Power skills: These include: Qigong meditation: Qigong meditation itself has two types, internal, which is stationary meditation, and external, which is dynamic meditation.
  3. Combat skills skills: These include various barehanded, weapon, and barehanded vs. weapon routines and their combat methods.

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Sifu Erkan

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