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If your wondering whats the difference between Kung Fu and other martial arts, keep reading and I may be able to share some insight. Kung fu is a general term used for chinese martial arts, karate is a general term for japanese martial arts, and martial arts are the fighting arts, usually a term for oriental fighting systems but it is now all systems.

Kung Fu is a modern term applied to a sect of ancient Chinese martial arts forms. However, Karate was developed in Japan out of a martial arts practice called “te” involving hand movements. Karate was then further influenced by Chinese martial arts styles, which explains the connection between the two forms.

One area of difference is Linear vs. Circular Motion
Karate is generally said to be more linear while Kung Fu tends to be more circular. What this means is that Karate movements tend to take you forward with momentum towards your target, while Kung Fu movements shift weight laterally and rely more on reacting to your target’s attacks.

Below I have put together a simple comparison chart between Kung Fu and Martial Arts:

Kung Fu

Martial Arts

Short descriptions Kung Fu is a primary unarmed Chinese martial art. Usually based on animal movements. Casa Martial arts is based on 5 animal style Martial arts are various sports, which originated chiefly in Japan, Korea, and China as forms of self-defense or attack, such as judo, karate, and kendo.
They are The most traditional and practiced art forms. In general, Martial Arts are traditional as well as developing type of art forms.
Movements Movements are fluid and in circular manner. They comprises of all types movements associated to the individual martial art forms.
Types It is one of the defensive and danger forms of martial arts. Casa Martial Arts Kung Fu is a soft style They comprises of both soft (for example Aikido) and hard (for example Kickboxing) types of martial art form.
Actions Their actions are traditionally based on the animal moves. Their actions are based on all types of techniques and methods.
Bows The bows are done by keeping the hands usually in front of the sternum. The position of the hands varies- one common variation is having the right fist enclosed in the left palm with the bottom of the hands facing outward. Depends on the respective Martial art forms.
Olympics They are not included in Olympics Some of them are included in Olympics like, Taekwondo.
Uniforms and clothing The clothes and uniforms varies by style and school, but often includes kung fu pants (a loose fitting, elastic band cloth garment), kung fu shoes and a belt. Uniforms for example, Gi, Dobok or Tobo, and etc. which differ according to the martial arts.
Instructors called as Si Fu Called as per the rules and regulations of individual martial art forms

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