Getting ready for your white belt at Casa Martial Arts in Waterdown

I wanted to bring some attention to the people just starting out, as we are also just starting Kung Fu classes in Waterdown. As Casa Martial Arts gets started its important to work hard early on and gain momentum. But one of the keys things we focus on at Casa Marital arts in our Kung Fu classes are the basics. You need to have a solid foundation and strong basics. Take for instance the front kick, it may be the most basic and first kick you learn. At the same time the components are applied to every other kick you learn going forward as well. Let me break it down for you to see what I am talking about. First part of the front kick is the chamber the higher you chamber the higher your kick. It can be applied for sidekick, roundhouse, hook kick and many more advanced kicks. Next extending your front kick, which you need to do with all kicks as well. After that, the part of the foot you kick with, knowing what part of the foot to make contact with will either help you deliver force or hurt you. Again something that needs to be applied to all kicks as you learn more and more Kung Fu kicks. Another important factor is the recoil back to a high chamber, this will be vital when learning double kicks. Finally returning your kicking leg back to its original proper stance. Only when students in our Kung Fu classes at Casa Martial arts master all these parts of the front kick can move on. Based on these points you can see how making sure your basics vital to your future techniques.

In order for a student learning Kung Fu at Casa Martial Arts to get their white sash, they need to know the following techniques.

Basic stance
Right and left foot forward stance
Right and left foot cat stance

Proper fist formation
From basics stance, high, middle and low punches
From forward stance, forward punch and reverse punch
Traveling (stepping ahead or backwards while punching)

Kicks (And recovery)
Right and left front snap kick (to knee and solar plexus)
Sidekick from the front leg
Sidekick from the back leg
Back Kick

High, middle and low blocks from a basic stance
High, middle and low blocks from right and left forward stance
High, middle and low blocks advancing across the floor

If your interested in learning Kung Fu in Waterdown and getting your white sash, please contact us and take a free trial.

Sifu Erkan

Train Hard and stay focused

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