Casa Martial Arts Lesson plan 1 from Sifu Erkan

Karate Kid-Casa Martial Arts

The first steps in your martial arts journey should be considered very important ones. These are time when you can’t rush your lessons and repetition is you friend. As we all know a house, a condo or any other tall structure must have a solid foundation. At Casa Martial Arts, the first classes is what creates your strong foot hold. Martial Arts basics is what’s required to move onto more advanced techniques. Each move you learn can be connected back to a beginner’s technique. A lot of us of see Karate Kid and if you haven’t make sure to check it out. As Mr. Miyagi would say Wax on, Wax off and repetition again and again. I hope all Sifu’s focus on the basics and don’t rush them for the sake of their students. We should also take into consideration not to overwhelm our students at the start. As most classes are around 60 min mark, its important not over due it. At Casa Martial Arts, when I start with lesson 1 we want to focus on 7 basic techniques. I will than spend about 8 min on each technique to make sure my students can understand the basic inside and out. First starting with your bow, as we all know Martial Arts is a lot about respect and its important to lay that out from the start. Going over each component of the bow slowly and carefully. Breaking down each move to its most basic form. Next I move onto how to make a fist, such a small thing but with great importance. Ensuring students are closing their first in right manner and placing the thumb where it should be. Next you want the students to understand what part of the first they should be making contact with and how much of bend in the arm is required. Next vital technique will be the basic horse stance, knees bent with toes facing forward. From there we get into alternating punching and ensuring with each punch proper breathing techniques are used. The next three techniques would round out our 7, they are the high block and front kick forward stance. Each can be broken down to 4 components. When we look at our forward or front stance, it’s very important to make sure your from knee is bent and back leg is locked. Practicing this stance will not only make your legs and foundation stronger but also your kicks. I take the time in my classes at Casa Martial Arts to teach proper stances and how to move from one to the next. Martial arts needs to be comfortable and fluid. From your forward stance you are able to learn the front kick. The front kicks broken down into its own 4 parts are the chamber, extension, back to chamber and landing in a proper stance again to be able to repeat the technique. These 7 techniques mastered will give you a good solid based to work from. As you move past lesson 1, students will learn more stance, more block, more hand strikes and kicks. The more time you spend learning these foundational components the better you will be in the future.

Be wise, Be respectful and repeat.
Casa Martial Arts

Sifu Erkan

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