Kung Fu at Casa Martial Arts

As a Casa Martial Arts Instructor I have learned how manage and run a class effectively. From 25 years of experience practising Kung Fu, I am able to demonstrate confidence and establish the authority to manage a class effectively. I have learned the components required for development of each class. I have learned to adjust and teach each student based on their individual learning style. Teaching Kung Fu has given me the opportunity to work with many different martial art practitioners and learn from all of them. I treat all martial artists with respect, no matter what level or style they practice. In my classes all students not only treat me and their instructor with respect but each of their fellow students as well. I believe each student has their individual ability to be great in their own way. I focus on an holistic approach when deployment all students in every aspect of Kung Fu. I am committed to helping all my students reach their maximum potential. I am committed to my students as I am for them to have the same commitment to me.

One of the instructor creeds that have been bestowed upon me is:

  • I will teach this class as if it is the most important closed I’ll ever teach
  • I am patient and enthusiastic
  • I lead by example and take responsibility for my actions

When I am with my students anything outside of that does not matter. I give my students 100% of my attention and focus. I aim to bring a positive and encouraging approach to each class. I look to constructive and helpful to aid my students to gain as much of knowledge as possible. I truly understand and honour each interaction I have with my students. At the end of each class it is important to me tat each student leaves feeling motivated, energetic and inspired. This allow them to leave with a positive feeling about their training.

I hope I will get the chance to teach all the readers of this post and an be part of your Kung Fu journey. Hopefully you will try a Kung Fu class in Waterdown or Burlington.

Sifu Erkan

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