October 1, 2016


The Casa Martial Arts Kung Fu program is second to none. We teach the Shaolin 5 Animal style of Kung Fu that incorporates the styles of Tiger, Leopard, Snake, Crane, and Dragon.

Dating back thousands of years, Kung Fu is not only the oldest form of martial arts, but is indeed the root of most of the other martial arts styles. Kung Fu, or Wushu as it is known in Mandarin, consists of hundreds of unique styles. Many of these styles are based on the movement, spirit, and fighting techniques of a wide variety animals.

Kung Fu has been taught and passed on in North America ever since the first Chinese people settled here, however it was taught and practiced in secret until the 1970’s. Until that time few non-Chinese were taught the secrets of this complex and beautiful martial art.
The Kung Fu practitioner learns to use their whole body to generate power through a wide variety of hand strikes and kicking techniques. Traditional Chinese “forms” (choreographed sequences of movements) are taught along with various types of traditional Chinese weapons.

Our Kung fu syllabus covers a wide range of hand, leg and jumping techniques, including combinations, pad-work, forms and sparring (optional).

Whether you’re looking for a fun fitness programme, an effective means of Self-Defence, or if you wish to make a name for yourself in the Sports Martial Arts arena, joining our Kung fu club could be just what you’re looking for. Start your kung fu training at home today!

We offer in home and outdoor mobile Personal sessions. If you hate the thought of a sweaty crowded Gym, or you just don’t have the spare time to waste at a Gym, mobile Personal Training when and where you like is the perfect solution.

We can come to you in home, outdoors, park or beach of your choice anywhere you like. Don’t put training off any longer, it takes as little as an hour a week to feel the fittest, strongest and leanest you’ve felt for years!

Discover for yourself how Kung Fu will be a positive influence on your life, or on the life of your child. We teach the self-confidence necessary to help your child avoid conflict.